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Better Wayz WhiteChoclytMocha

DOB: 4/19/2022
Color: Chocolate swiss with white
Notes: We are super excited about this doe!! She comes from a pedigree packed with ELITE and high PTI/PTAs. Her sire is Better Wayz Braveheart Carabear- whos sire is ELITE SG Old Mountain Farm Elton Jay ++*B and dam is ELITE SG Better Wayz Carabear 2*M!! He is full brother to several amazing does who have high LA scores, ELITE, and even a couple Top Ten!! One of his full sisters, ELITE SG Better Wayz Harmony Carabear 3*M, who was #1 butterfat in 2020 and holds the butterfat record! Her dam is Better Wayz Mochacinna 5*M, daughter of SG Better Wayz Swiss Mocha 4* and ELITE Amethyst Acres G Zebulen! So much to love about this doe, and she is maturing so beautifully!! 


Sire: Better Wayz Bravehart Carabear *B

Sire's Sire: ELITE SG Old Mountain Farm Elton Jay ++*B

SSS: Old Mountain Farm Romeo ++B

SSD: ELITE (99th percentile) SG NC Promisedland MG Diva 1*M VEEE91                                        (highest doe PTA & PTI)

Sire's Dam: ELITE SG Better Wayz Carabear 2*M VEEE90

SDS: SG Gillispie's Black Bear +*B

DSD: SG Ruckus Ridge Carabelle 1*M VEEE90

Dam: Better Wayz Mochacinna 5*M +VE+84 

Dam's Sire: ELITE Amethyst Acres G Zebulen *B

DSS: Amethyst Acres Gianni *B

DSD: ELITE (99th percentile) Sugar Moon Z Zip Me Up 5*M 

Dam's Dam: SG Better Wayz Swiss Mocha 4*M VEEE91

DDS: Kyeema Ridge Big Time +B

DDD: SG Better Wayz SwissMiss Carabear 2*M VEEE924

ADGA Top Ten 2020 (#3 in milk, #2 in butterfat)

Screenshot (26).png
Screenshot (27).png

Better Wayz Mochacinna 5*M

picture credits: Better Wayz Farm

Screenshot (27).png

Dam's Dam:
Better Wayz Swiss Mocha 4*M

picture credits: Better Wayz Farm

Screenshot (7).png

Sire's Dam:
Better Wayz Carabear 2*M

picture credits: Better Wayz Farm

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