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Summerland Drama Llama

DOB: 3/19/2022
Color: Chocolate buckskin with minimal white; blue eyes
Notes: Super excited to have a doe kid out of our lovely Reign, who is super deep and dairy! Hoping her sire will contribute his dam's strong medial and rear udder height to make Drama an improvement over her dam. 


Sire: Gibson Farm ZEB Zeppelin *B

            Sire's Sire: Amethyst Acres G Zebulon *B

                                  SSS: Amethyst Acres R Gianni *B

                                  SSD: ELITE (99th percentile) Sugar Moon Z Zip Me Up 5*M 

            Sire's Dam: Dill's TS Sunday Morning 1*M VEVE88

                                  SDS: Dill's Two-Step +*B

                                  SDD: Dills B&R La Vida Loca VEEV89

Dam: The DutchLoft LongMayShe Reign

          Dam's Sire: Old Mountain Farm Patriot

                                  DSS: ELITE SG Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos ++*B VEV89

                                  DSD: Old Mountain Farm Wirosa 

           Dam's Dam: Dutch Loft Shine

                                  DDS: Old Mountain Farm JamesEJones 

                                  DDD: SG Old Mountain Farm Mila Quinn 5*M VEEE90


The DutchLoft LongMayShe Reign

IMG-3315 (1).jpg

Dam's Sire:
Dill's TS Sunday Morning 1*M
picture credits: Gibson Goat Farm

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