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The DutchLoft LongMaySheReign

DOB: 3/6/2018
Color: Buckskin; blue eyes 
Notes: I love everything about this doe! She is super long and level, and has great body capacity. Her udder has great capacity, strong attachments, and correct teat placement. And she has a super sweet temperament! She comes from some lovely Old Mountain Farm lines, with many notable names in her pedigree. She is a light linebreed (1.36%) on  ELITE SG Old Mountain Farm Cerunnos ++*B  (sire to the 2018 ADGA National Best Udder doe)!


Sire: Old Mountain Farm Patriot

            Sire's Sire: ELITE SG Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos ++*B VEV89

                                  SSS: NC Promisedland Tur-Beau +*B

                                  SSD: Old Mountain Farm Tianna Quinn 4*M

            Sire's Dam: Old Mountain Farm Wirosa 

                                  SDS: Dawnland Tabby's Maritimer 

                                  SDD: Old Mountain Farm Tulip VEEE90

Dam: Dutch Loft Shine

           Dam's Sire: Old Mountain Farm JamesEJones 

                                  DSS: Old Mountain Farm Joshua James +*B

                                  DSD: Old Mountain Farm Parti Favah VEEE90

           Dam's Dam: Old Mountain Farm Marina Quinn

                                  DDS: Wood Bridge Farm Apache Wind

                                  DDD: Old Mountain Farm Mila Quinn VEEE90

Old Mountain Farm Parti Favah
Old Moutain Farm Parti Favah udder

Old Mountain Farm Parti Favah

picture credits: Old Mountain Farm

mila quinn.jpg
mila quinn udder.jpg

Old Mountain Farm Mila Quinn

picture credits: Old Mountain Farm

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