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Summerland Here Comes the Sun

DOB: 6/16/2019
Color: Gold and white; blue eyes
Notes: Sunny is the daughter of our Paisley- a super capacious and dairy doe! So far Sunny is living up to her dam's hoofsteps and is showing great promise! She had a nice FF udder and I'm excited to see how she matures!


Sire: AGS Southpaw Acres Max

            Sire's Sire: AGS Country Charm Sampson

            Sire's Dam: AGS Southpaw Acres Moon Pebbles

Dam: AGS Allo Acres Blu Charm

           Dam's Sire: Wooly Dog Down Elven Piper

           Dam's Dam: Pax Cornerstone Farm Sisera

paisley udder

AGS Allo Acres Blu Charm

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