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Summerland Voodoo Child

DOB: 6/12/2021
Color: Black with white; blue eyes
Notes: Voodoo is a retained daughter of T-N-T's Lily, who's pedigree isn't as flashy as some of our other girls, but has proved herself to be a very dairy doe with a will to milk! I love her body length and capacity, and dairy character. So far Voodoo is proving to follow in her dam's hoofsteps! She also retained some lovely dairyness from her sire, Gillispie's IB Heartbreaker,  who has some lovely does behind him!


Sire: Gillispie's IB Heartbraker

            Sire's Sire: Sunnydale Farm I Icebreaker *B

                                  SSS: Castle Rock Iceberg ++*B

                                  SSD: SGCH Sunnydale Farm J Hope 3*M VEEE90

            Sire's Dam: Fairlea Vika Yermolyeva 5*M VV+V86

                                  SDS: Fairlea Frederic Chopin +*B 

                                  SDD: Fairlea Phoebe B Beebe 4*M VEEE90

Dam: AGS T-N-T's Easter Lily

           Dam's Sire: AGS Mini Miracles Black Jack

                                  DSS: AGS Pocket Sized BT Whiskey *S

                                  DSD: AGS Fallen Oak Farm Freesia

           Dam's Dam: AGS T-N-T's Silver Mist

                                  DDS: AGS Tiny Town Big Thunder

                                  DDD: AGS T-N-T's Love My Luca


AGS T-N-T's Easter Lily

Screenshot (11).png
Screenshot (12).png

SGCH Sunnydale Farm J Hope 3*M

picture credits: Sunnydale Farm

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